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More key frames from Kill la Kill episode 03-05. Some really cool stuff. More coming soon.

You got your hands on these? These are some awesome shots, thanks for sharing!

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I’m so heated, SO HEATED. 

That Alicia girl has the right of it, so far. Drew thinks he’s smarter than he actually is, apparently.

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RANK: 10

BRANCH: Scouting Legion well, at least I get a horsie

COME FROM: Wall Sina why would I join the military then?

CHILDHOOD FRIEND: Christa she’s short and meek like me!

LOVER: Reiner …even though he plays for the other team? Otherwise, hell yea!

RIVAL: Hanji Haha, why not.

SPECIALTY: Squad Leader Aw, I wanted to be a mad scientist too. Wait a sec, I’m not a leader-type…

KILLS: 40 Solo 27 In a team Not freaking bad!

FUTURE: You become an important general in your military branch. Whaaat? I guess this is supposed to be ironic ‘cause little ol’ me ain’t no assertive, decisive, shouting type, but alllrighty!

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“I’m not your little brother or a child. I told you that!”

I wonder about the anime team.

Did they want to illustrate that Eren was pissed at Mikasa’s over-protectiveness so that’s why he attacked her on Titan form?

Come on team, Eren isn’t THAT inconsiderate to his adopted sister! >.<

Titan Eren attacked her in the manga too. The anime team has been pretty darn loyal to the manga, more than I’m used to seeing in other adaptations. They even add really pleasing extras that ups the quality, imo. I sort of wonder if they refer to the author when they want to elaborate on a scene that happened, or if they just have a great team that wants to up the quality. Just wait to see what happens :)

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Straight female here. I wish my body was that damn awesome. ;(
Her butt and legs are like, the ideal everyone wants to have, and all the dudes drool over.

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Legs for days.

I have similar legs, but your feet are so petite!

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進撃の巨人について色々 | kao [pixiv]

Somebody asked for the full set.

I really really hope this didn’t just spoil the whole series for someone out there ¬_¬

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I have seen the names “Jeagar”, “Rivaille” and “Fubar” a few times too often in this fandom, so here is an extensive list of all the character names, including alternatively acceptable spellings and their meanings.
If no alternative is offered, I 100% rule out other transliterations for the given katakana names.
Also if not otherwise noted, you can assume that all the names are Germanic.

Source: I’m a German translator with a knack for katakana so I think I have some authority on the subject. …. also wikipedia and

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You are super awesome and I appreciate this breakdown. Honestly, a lot of the names used are confusing and I definitely questioned the translations. Ones that came up a lot were Levi’s name, and Armin’s last name… I was stumped!

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-snorts- here you go, in audio post format: Eren Jaeger’s seiyuu singing Part of Your World

#look out nezumi #shion is singing disney songs

Considering how furious and passionate his VA can get, and then how gentle and sweet he can get with his singing voice, even though I don’t know any japanese, I think he’s becoming my favorite “seiyuu”, if I ever was going to have one. Second place is going to that woman that does the voice of Goku and family ;P

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Caution: falling birds! Imagine being parked in Downtown Pittsburgh when, all of a sudden, a peregrine falcon fledges & falls 19 stories onto your car! That’s just what happened to one gentleman today. He drove the bird to Aviary & the PA Game Commission was called to assist. Our Wildlife Center Director, being the only one with proper permits in the area, responded with a Wildlife Conservation Officer. They returned to the downtown tower where a kind woman allowed them into her apartment to replace the falcon onto a nearby balcony that is frequented by its parents. Within moments, its mother returned & dad flew in with food.

That’s awesome, and I’m surprised it survived such a long fall! I didn’t know we had peregrine falcons in Pittsburgh… thanks for sharing such a happy-ending story with us :)

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